Monday, June 9, 2008

Steal My Bike


I'm just wondering why go to all the trouble of carting around a U-lock, if you don't even lock your bike to the convenient parking meter? I was tempted to move it a few feet away just to make a point.


lacochran said...

You're one of those people that like to teach other people a lesson, aren't you? Like life isn't annoying enough.

Jamie said...

I didn't do it, did I? But even if I had, I'd consider getting my bike jacked more annoying then being reminded of how stupid it is to leave it unlocked.

Don't get me started on turn signals.

Anonymous said...

It was probably an accident. I recently got caught in a rainstorm on my $1600 bike and, distracted as I quickly changed shirts, walked off without locking it up. When I came back 5 hours later and saw that my lock wasn't on it I nearly had a heart attack (albeit a grateful heart attack).