Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pick My Transom

Help me out please. I have the aesthetic sensibility of a blind swamp rat. Below is a really bad photoshop job of my house with a transom. Following are ten sample designs to choose from, provided by the artist who will be making this for me. It doesn't have to be one of these either, I can do whatever I want as far as the colors go.

The rub is that I am definitely going to paint the ceiling of the porch and the porch itself. I like red and all, but really, it's a bit much. Most likely I'll make the ceiling the traditional tar-heel blue, and paint the porch some kind of neutral color, but I'm open to suggestions there too. The brick will definitely remain unpainted.

So, my appeal to anyone who can even dress themselves without being mistaken for Elton John. Which one do you like best? Or any alternative proposals?

UPATE: Well, I had kinda settled on that design, but nothing is set in stone (or lead) yet. Alterative designs are here - scroll to the bottom to see other options.

House Transom Mockup




hipchickindc said...

I like #2 (the one in the door) and #5. I don't think I look like Elton John.

lacochran said...

I'm not a style maven but they all seem just a tad busy for the space. I know they won't be quite this glowy (unless they're backlit) but I'm wondering if there's a way to simplify the design a little more...? (Yeah, I'm introducing yet another option. Just ignore me and pick whichever one you want. It'll look great!) And have a blast in the Big Easy. :)

Jamie said...

Yes - there are other options, see the update to the post above. I liked that one, I know nothing and welcome any and all input.

Titania said...

Well, the biggest contrast I think it is going to be against the walls, so if you are leaving those "brick color", I think I'd go with # 6 (not 7, do not really like the mix with purple, but that's me). Other than that, I think I like # 8, since, I think, the darker blue will merge better with other colors, unless of course, you paint everything light blue (not sure what tar-heel blue means, blame my cute little accent)... I also think I don't look like Elton John, but that is a close recommendation.

Eve Russell said...


Anonymous said...

I like the "on Madeira street" alternative. The copy of it for #912 might be good ... depending on the final porch colors. I also liked #5 but agree with the comment someone made about it being busy for the space. So when r we going to get together???

Christina Filipovic said...

i like 1 and 6