Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Gibson, Less Paul

...he had to go home early last night. (Sorry, I just couldn't resist.) But the other four of us went in for a drink and to check out the new spot next door to Marvin on 14th Street.

While The Gibson sells itself as an under-the-radar, old-school drinking, speakeasy sort of joint, it's already gotten plenty of press online so I don't feel bad blogging about this place -- it's no secret. This is no hummingbird to mars.

But regardless, the shtick is kind of fun -- no sign on the door, reservations sorta required, the attendant by the door brings you right to your table. The interior is beautifully appointed - plush, oversized booths, dark wood throughout, wainscotting on the walls. Our server was friendly and attentive, and put on a nice show for us with citrus flame bursts to finish the drink performed at the table. I had a Sazerac and another gin based cocktail, the name of which escapes me right now. Both were delicate and delicious.

I felt that the prices were very reasonable - the mixed drinks offered on the menu ranged from $8 to $14. The menu was limited, but the waitress seemed to know how to make a good number of old traditional drinks. While this certainly not at the low end of drink pricing in DC, it's far from the worst. And you're not just getting a generic Grey Goose and whatever that a bartended pours every three seconds at your typical snooty watering hole, you get a custom-made, old-school drink for about the same price. And you get to consume it in a low-key, no-standing-room environment.

I have give the owners kudos. Unlike the sister operation Marvin nextdoor - though by sister I mean the wicked, red-haired bastard child stepsister -- everything is classy and professional. Nine bucks at Marvin for a watered-down, short-poured, generic drink, usually served with a healthy side of arrogance from the bartender, or eight bucks for a Sazerac and a nice conversation? No comparison. Make a point of treating yourself to The Gibson.

I forgot my camera last night, but Sexy Fitsum took the awesome picture above, found on Flickr.

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