Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Update from the Farm

I've been busy as hell, and therefore not going out too much, which usually results in getting into trouble, observing or participating in crimes, taking illicit pictures, and consequently blogging.

But I feel compelled to post something, so my seven Google Reader subscribers don't think that I've disappeared. Hey, it may not sound like much, but it's up from three a month ago! And I figure for every Google Reader subscriber I've got, there are 1,453 who just have me bookmarked or use other readers.

So in the absence of time to think of or instigate anything interesting to write about, I thought I would share some fascinating information about this web site's readership. Below, you can see the statistics from the last month. Those are some pretty impressive numbers - on one single day, nearly 200 people read my blog! That means with the I potentially have about as much reach influence as, say, your average bullhorn wielding nutjob on the sidewalk downtown.

Actually what's really amazing is the power of Google. Despite this post about Radiohead getting linked from and then reproduced on a dozen other media web sites, including Reuters, my 13-month old article about removing a nasty piece of spyware generated more traffic last month than the Radiohead thing.

If you google for "remove spector pro" this site comes up 4th. Before a lot of people who actually sell software.

But if you search on "radiohead clusterfuck", I'm only 6th!

Anyway, back to my regularly scheduled neighborhood rambling. I actually did witness a crime this weekend (hard to go long without that happening in Columbia Heights) and did a lot of work on the house so I'll have something to say when I come up for air.


Shannon said...

You're up to #1 on Radiohead clusterfuck! (I'm #3.)

Jamie said...

Holy crap! I had just verified that when I posted. Apparently the post itself infuenced the search already. My mind is reeling with the self-referential paradox I have created.

Shannon said...

...and now I have to find a way to move back ahead of you in the clusterfuck Google sweepstakes.

Unknown said...

So you want to do some "Google bombing?" Well, that gives me an excuse to link to something cool, with tips on how to move a given page up the rankings.
Yes, it's something political - moving articles about John McCain up the rankings so people who Google him will learn things they might not hear from the corporate media, which still swoon over him. But it also contains some tips that could be applied to the jamie-shannon "Radiohead clusterfuck" battle.

Shannon said...

"But it also contains some tips that could be applied to the jamie-shannon "Radiohead clusterfuck" battle."

I vote we have a cagefight. Or throw a bunch of water balloons at each other.