Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Track @ Roosevelt High School: You Don't Suck

Roosevelt Track #1I decided to post again today because I became vaguely aware that my last several posts have been of the extraordinarily cynical, ranting sort. Not that I don't enjoy relentlessly mocking those who deserve it, but actually there are things going on around my neighborhood and in DC that deserve being noted in a positive light. The balance must be restored; yin and yang cannot compete for space in a world they share equally. And besides, despite the excessive rain the last couple days, I've been having a great (if busy) week or so, and the tone of my posts has not reflected that. Therefore I wanted to share a couple pictures of the track at Roosevelt High School, at roughly Georgia Avenue NW and Upshur Street NW.

Roosevelt is only about a half-mile from my house, and I frequently jog a route that takes me right by it's front doors on 13th Street. Somehow, I had never noticed this glorious new track, with the paint barely dry on the "Rough Riders" logo at the end of the field.

I was there this morning at the ungodly hour of 7 AM to join my newly discovered Petworth running group. I've mostly been an evening runner lately, but history has taught me that I'm far more likely to stay honest when someone else is waiting for me. I'm planning to run another marathon this fall, so I am happy to have found them, even if they're typically on the morning schedule. Probably do me some good to learn to be in bed before 2 AM on any given weeknight... but anyhoo, this is where we met this morning to do some speed workouts.

Roosevelt Track #2The track is spectacular, as you can see from the photos. And despite the fact that it's been raining more than a typical New Orleans hurricane over the weekend, it was free from puddles or wet spots. Finally, there is something in DC that my taxes were spent on that actually makes me proud, and I can even personally get some use out of.

I'm guessing that the average Roosevelt graduate is probably about as prepared for the workforce in DC as an Aleutian eskimo dogsled driver*. But really, getting the facilities in order is a start, and is hopefully a sign of a new direction for the schools. This is a good thing beyond just being useful to my running group. Here's hoping they are maintained as time goes on and that the trend continues.

*You didn't think I'd let an entire post go without any cynical comments, did you? And actually, I think Roosevelt is among the better high schools in DC, from my quick survey of WaPo's "Fixing DC's Schools" report. Hell, with only 25% of students testing below basic reading skills, it's practically a magnet school in DC! Seriously - there are far worse. But that's a topic for another post.

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