Monday, May 5, 2008

Jazz Fest 2008 Part 2

Sign from GodSome more pictures from the weekend. The highlight of the fairgrounds music was Leo Nocentelli's Rare Funk Gathering, with Doug Wimbish and Will Calhoun of Living Color. Doug Wimbish apparently replaced Victor Wooten Muzz Skillings as their bass player. Will Calhoun was the drummer from day 1. I haven't seen Living Colour in years but they were always a great band back in the day... should probably check them out again. Doug certainly proved himself on the stage with Leo.

Anticipate home improvement posts soon. I've finally gotten my new windows and after putting them in I can finally proceed with the finish work in the kitchen. Once that's done I'll be moving outdoors and hopefully get my backyard fenced in this summer. Anyone want to come help me dig holes...


Doug Wimbish. Nice shout out to DC with the 9:30 club tee shirt

Leo Nocentelli

Leo Nocentelli

Will Calhoun

Will Calhoun




Congo Stage

Hand Grenades


Jazz Fest Shower


Lee said...

Victor Wooten????

I think you mean Muzz Skillings, my man. How quickly they forget...


Jamie said...

Oops, brain fart, you are correct of course. Given the torture I put the old boy through in the last 20 years, surprised I can remember my own name.