Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Rights of Photographers

From a comment on a City Desk blog post today is a link to a great USA Today article (I know, it's an oxymoron, but bear with me) that discusses the rights of photographers, specifically, what you can and cannot take pictures of.

It seems in this era of overreaction and fear created so cleverly by our commander in chief, people -- especially in DC -- get harassed a lot taking pictures.

The USA Today article also references The Photographer's Right, which is a concise, one-pager that gives the long and short of your rights. I am going to carry a copy with me from now on and I've linked it here permanently.

I've yet to have anyone try to physically stop me from taking pictures, though I've definitely had a few people get in my face a little bit. Usually at construction sites, probably thought I was an inspector or something. But seeing as I am in the habit of taking pictures of whatever I want, such as people selling and/or inhaling nitrous oxide, among other things that perhaps someone might not like being photographed, I figured I should know my rights.

They are pretty extensive, actually. I recommend that any amateur photographer read this before you need it.

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lacochran said...

You mean I CAN take a picture of Pia Zadora with spinach in her teeth?

*cough* No reason.