Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get your ass to the looking glass

All right, I am still not entirely sold on the name change, but I had a chance to sample the new menu for the first time last night. It features a selection of real entrees, dishes that are not just glorified bar offerings, in addition to some conventional pub fare. My choice was the barbecue baby back ribs, and they were delicious.

The meat fell off the bone just as it should and the seasoning was tasty and a little spicy. They were dry-rubbed and served with barbecue sauce on top. I could have used a little bit more sauce, but that's a minor complaint. But the real winner was the collard greens that accompanied it - they were outstanding, tasting of brown sugar and maybe a little mustard. The sweetness was just enough to counter the vegetable's natural bitterness but not overwhelming. My other side was fries, which were fine.

Unfortunately I spent a little bit too much time at LGL last night and my memory of the rest of the menu died with my 4th beer, but I do remember there being a lot of other choices which were interesting. If my first sample was any indication, the new fare should be an excellent addition to the neighborhood bar and restaurant food offerings. I'm looking forward to working through the menu in weeks to come.

Oh - and have no fear, the garlic fries are still on the menu.

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