Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I cannot tell you how long I've waited for this day. There's still work to be done, but the countertop is IN!! Everything works. It's gorgeous. This is officially the nicest kitchen I have ever had, and I don't even have a ceiling. I believe this project began around mid December, so basically three months of busting my ass every weekend. It was so worth it. As my friend Tyler said... "Dude. You have a rich person kitchen!!"

Well, I wish I could say I was a rich person, but if I do say so myself it looks damn nice already. I am inaugurating it tonight with green fish curry. The pictures are horrible, I didn't have time to get good shots in manual mode so I used a flash so it's kinda hard to see the counter color, but it's sort of a brownish-reddish thing. Thanks to Olivia for her expert advice in that department. It looks awesome. The counter is a Quartz composite material called Zodiaq, and the color I got is Chestnut. You can see that online here. The cabinets are Wellborn in antique evergreen (that cabinet isn't exactly the style of mine but the color is the same). The cabinet color was a choice made because the room has several different colors of wood that would have made a natural wood color (presumably, not exactly the same as the floors and existing casings) too much. But I really didn't want painted cabinets. So this was kind of a gamble, but in the end they look amazing and go really well with the stainless appliances. Both the cabinets and counter were obtained through Precision Cabinets, conveniently located at 13th & Taylor, about a half a mile from where I live. Though I installed the cabinets myself, they did the counter installation. They've been great to work with and very accommodating as far as the parts of the work that I was doing myself. I highly recommend them.

Housewarming party is now officially on for mid april, the project will have an end!! I'll let y'all know when.

Kitchen Counter 1

Kitchen Counter 2

To do: Replace the windows with smaller ones; put in a ceiling; put in the microwave over the range; tile the backsplash; paint. Then host many dinner parties and not work on my house again for six months.


Anonymous said...

Dude! Looks tremendous.... Can't believe you've managed to do so much just on nights/weekends. But maybe living with no kitchen is its own motivation...? -Mark

Unknown said...

Wow, man. Nice. The counter looks a lot like the granite counter in the kitchen at the apartment I've been renting for nearly 7 years now. I'll prob'ly be moving out soon-like, but this place has really become my home. Y'know that feeling you get when you've been on the road and you come back to your place and just relax a bit more and think "ahhh... I'm home? I get that when I arrive here from a trip, whether that trip was across town, to Rio, to Angra dos Reis, or to the USA. Still, it's almost time to move on, and I'll let you know more about that soon.
Anyway, congratulations on an amazing job with the former "fixer-upper" you're transforming into a suh-weet house.
--Other Mark

HomeImprovementNinja said...

Looks good. The only thing I would've done differently is finished the ceiling before you installed the cabinets/counter. You wouldn't want that getting damaged.

Jamie said...

Yeah, it was a decision made out of a rash desire to have a functioning kitchen as quickly as possible. The house didn't actually come with a kitchen at all, so I've been mostly eating pizza (frozen or Red Rocks) ever since I moved in a year ago.