Friday, March 28, 2008

Fenty Financially Irresponsible, Technologically Inept

Urban SuburbiaAt the opening of DCUSA's Best Buy yesterday, Mayor Adrian Fenty, in one of his many photo opportunities, is observed buying a camera by the Washington Post. This syrupy media event becomes a public relations disaster for the Mayor as he shows his true colors: behind the times, and a sucker who is soon parted with his money.

The skinny: During a media-crafted soft-sell from the Best Buy employee, the Mayor asks how he gets the pictures from the camera to his computer. The employee responds, easy, just use the included USB cable, or a memory card.

Fenty: "Now it's sounding complicated."

Wow. Our mayor, who is grappling with a failing school system, a public housing crisis, and a world-class crime spree, thinks that a USB cable sounds complicated. Be. Very. Afraid.

But, wait. It gets worse. At the end of the article, it's revealed that the Mayor ends up buying the camera ($299.99) -- but his total price at the register is $409.21. That's more than 30% more than the price of the camera itself! Where did the money go?

He bought the warranty, and an extra SD card.

Wow. He bought the warranty. That wonderful invention that, for a mere 20-30% of the cost of your purchase, ensures that your new consumer electronics product -- which will be completely obsolete before the manufacturer's warranty expires -- is covered against mechanical failure for 5 years.

Has anyone out there actually owned a digital camera for five years? Apart from the fact that they rarely break, a digital camera made in 2003 is about as high tech as a Sony Walkman with auto-reverse. You probably replaced it three years ago anyway. The warranty is a total waste of money. That's why they try so hard to get you to buy it. Because it's pure profit.

Finally, he bought the SD Card. Best Buy always screws you on the accessories. They will gladly sell you a plasma TV for $999... but don't forget to buy $200 worth of video cables to hook it up! Oh, you mean the same cables I can get for $5 at

So, the man who is responsible for the future of Washington, DC, spends his own money like he was born yesterday. And has apparently never heard of a USB cable. You come to your own conclusions.

*Note to humor-impaired DC Government employees who I know read this blog: This is tongue-in-cheek! I'm just kidding! So you don't need to raise my property taxes by another 30% and continue to lose my parking ticket payments.

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You're sounding more like Abe Simpson with each successive post...