Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Construction at Petworth Metro

I checked out the progress at Petworth/Georgia Avenue metro on the way to work today. It's been a couple months since I took metro (yeah, lame, but I can drive to work in half the time) but took it today since I have a meeting downtown late in the day.

The last time I went by there on foot, there was little more than a giant hole in the ground. But check it out today.

While I was taking pictures, a very friendly very large man came up to me and said in a Jamaican accent, can I ask you what you interest is in the construction? Subtext: You friend or foe? He was easily a foot taller than me and the broad smile on his face did not completely conceal his intent to intimidate. I assured him I was just a long-time resident who enjoyed watching the development in my neighborhood.

Petworth Metro 5

Petworth Metro 1

I freely admit that I have an unhealthy fascination with massive construction equipment, and cranes in particular. This is just cool.

Petworth Metro 3Petworth Metro 2Petworth Metro 4

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