Thursday, April 29, 2010

Small Victories

asylum-lawnmowingWhat should my wondering eyes behold this morning, but the sound of a lawnmower at the Asylum! Could it be? It could. And it is. The grass was being cut this morning. Thanks to Jim Graham and DRES for following through. I'm hoping this won't be a one-time event, but it has been added to the schedule so it will continue to be maintained until the building's eventual fate is determined. The lights are still on. That's too bad, but at least it's no longer a blight and an eyesore.

I've been sick for almost a week. It wasn't that bad for the first few days, so I thought I would fight it off. Then I guess my body gave up the fight a couple days ago, because it got bad, but I think the worst is over now. I don't get sick very often, and as a result am typically a very cranky sick person. This spring I've gotten sick twice and that has not made me happy at all. I'm not sure if this is a result of age, lack of exercise (I haven't been running for almost a year because of various foot injuries), or just bad luck, but the novelty has worn off. I'm over it.

Roof CatsOther than that, life's good in the city. Winter seems to have returned, which the houseplants have been none too happy about since I moved them to the front porch. I brought the banana tree back inside since half of its leaves have turned brown... doh.

Grass is growing in the front yard, which is no small miracle since the soil around here is about 90% clay. The azaleas are blooming, and despite what the Washington Post says, they are gorgeous. "Time to dump azaleas?" Huh? Are you just being contrary for the sake of being contrary? What next, "We're over eating out?" "Sick of Monuments?" Jebus. It's a flowering shrub, not a fashion.

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Unknown said...

At last Iv'e been quoted!

Jamie, the pix of the cats (yours?) on the roof is fantastic!