Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Things: WARL and Old Timey Desserts

In continuing with my promise to post every day, or at least every weekday, I present you with two Good Things.

Teenage DogFirst is our dog. I have resisted the temptation to be that annoying new baby/ puppy/ iguana owner who subjects their friends to pictures of their new family member on a daily or hourly basis. But because I don't have any new incidents related to crime, my neighborhood, or drunken debauchery to report today, and I have sworn of bashing cyclists for good, I am succumbing to that desire and posting dog pictures.

WARL is awesome.

The first picture is Jumby, our six-month old terrier. Or "terrorist," as our dog training instructor says, might be more appropriate. We started "basic manners" class on Saturday morning at the Washington Animal Rescue League. I had never been to their Oglethorpe Street NW facility before, but I have never seen a nicer animal shelter. Actually, it's nicer than some Holday Inns I've stayed at. Our first session was without Jumby (it was an orientaton) and the instructor was funny and knowledgable. I have high hopes that we will be able to get the little spitfire in line. Jumby is badly behaved, so we have some concerns that we could get kicked out if he doesn't do well on leash around several other dogs. Luckily it sounds like many of the other participants also have small, smart, annoying terrier-mixes so hopefully we won't be the worst dog in the group. My plan is to run him for an hour before class so he's tired, and starve him so he's hungry and will do anything for treats.

Root Beer Floats are awesome.

Root Beer FloatI have suffered from a horrible sweet tooth lately. The result has been that I've reverted to making all sorts of crazy desserts and midnight snacks that seem more appropriate for a stoned college student. I am not stoned, I swear. But one of the things I had forgotten from my youth is root beer floats. Man are these things good. The vanilla ice cream seems to have some kind of chemical reaction with the soda that creates frothy, fizzy deliciousness of a most unique kind. Highly recommend picking up some root beer and ice cream if you haven't had one lately.

I have also been moderately obsessed with chocolate milkshakes. Just sayin'.


Shannon said...

Newly developed sweet tooth, eh? Are you pregnant?

Titania said...

Shannon, you read my mind and beat me to it, I was also going to ask whether Jamie is pregnant.

saf said...

Try a birch beer float too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jamie.. was wondering if you have an email address we could reach you at with a story idea??