Friday, April 16, 2010

Larry King: One Ring To Rule Them All...

All seven of them, that is.

You know, you'd think by now that women would realize that swearing an oath on that ring doesn't come with any guarantees.

Larry King's getting divorced again, and his wife claims that he slept with her little sister. That's just wrong, and as far as I'm concerned puts him in the Woody Allen category of hooking up with relatives of your partner. Of course Woody Allen actually married his girlfriend's daughter, so he still wins, but still.

Now that he's taken off the ring, we can finally see the invisible man as he really is.


Frodo: "You swore! You swore on the precious! Sméagol promised!"

Gollum: "Sméagol lied."

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pixability said...

I just want to remind you that this is the best post ever- even if I'm the only one to comment! :D