Wednesday, April 2, 2008

You fools

Ok.. based on some off-blog feedback I received from yesterday's post, and the fact that the only comment I received was from someone I don't know who bought it hook, line and sinker, I thought I should clarify a few things:

1) Yesterday was April 1.
2) Everything is fine, and I have not joined a self empowerment cult.
3) Yes, I have a twisted sense of humor.

Of course it's also possible that nobody even reads this blog. Except for my ever-popular post from a year ago on removing spyware which gets like 40 hits a day.

Note to Landmark people: While I personally think that Landmark is a phenomenally successful way to part people with their money, if you are a victim... er, student and have found that it brainwashed.... er, helped you in some way then more power to you. I am sure that everyone finds their own way. My own position is that I inherently mistrust any organization that makes money from desperate people, and I have a hard time distinguishing between self-empowerment groups, televangelists, The Franklin Mint, and the Catholic church.


Anonymous said...

I read it... on April 2. Didn't even occur to me it was April fools. You had me going through their website trying to figure out if they were going to make you drink CoolAid. I was about ready to pick up the phone and stage an intervention...! :-)

Shaw Girl said...

So that post was hilarious...mostly because I run in circles where there are several Landmark drones...I mean representatives. I love your blog by the way...I think we may have went toe to toe on City Girl DC's blog about dating once, but I totally respected your position and think you're a pretty funny guy! Definitely adding you to my rotation of DC blogs!