Monday, April 21, 2008

Local Update - Mostly Booze Related

I'm still here. Until yesterday, the weather has been perfect, I've been busy at work, and five out-of-town family members (three of them in the under 3 feet category) have been at my house. I took some pictures over the weekend but forgot to upload them so that will have to wait for later.

In the meantime, I will use this space to announce some very important happenings in Columbia Heights.

The Red Derby has started serving brunch, including $2 mimosas and $2 bloody marys. This is a fine complement to Red Rocks' brunch and $9 bottomless mimosa, which I must confess to having enjoyed the hell out of on many occasions.

Target has applied for a license to sell beer and wine! Things just keep getting better around here. I wonder if the awful line situation at Giant will improve as they feel pressure from Target. I, for one, will be going to Target instead of Giant for incidentals, and hopefully soon, for booze.

The Looking Glass Lounge has officially opened their new back patio. Well, I'm not sure it was ever closed, but it's gotten a major makeover compared to the Temperance Hall incarnation. New picnic tables, new fence, and as we would expect from Matt and Rose, lots of cool memorabilia on the walls. I was there for a while on Saturday at the official inauguration party. The space is nice, definitely go by this summer.

That's about it for now. I have some stuff from the weekend to write about later, and I may even have a home improvement post coming sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

You have a post about five family members visiting, three of whom are under three-feet tall and your post is all about booze? Oh, yeah. That's why you need the booze. Remember, have the run around alot and get them good and exhausted. Then drink the booze.

Shaw Girl said...

I have never been to any of the restaurants you thinks its time to take a culinary trip to Columbia Heights!

BG said...

Hey Jamie
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