Monday, April 14, 2008

Small Time Celebrity... Two Weeks In A Row

Today's post will be entirely self congratulatory. I made the WaPo Express blog log last Friday, and my pictures from the Mt. Pleasant fire got published in the April Intowner! There is no question that before long, my name will be as much a household word in DC as Vermin Supreme.

First, my little writeup of the Widespread Panic show at the Warner got quoted in Express. You can download the whole issue here.

Next, my pictures from the fire at The Deauville in Mt. Pleasant were printed in the April Intowner. It's online here.

Update 2:29 PM I have been recognized by DCist for the comment of the week. I expanded on that in my last post here. This, combined with my having twice transcended the virtual/physical barrier by having both my words and pictures appear in print, I feel that I deserve the title of "king of geeky bloggers and amateur photographers" for this week. Next week: I shall be attempting to obtain the elusive DCist "avatar of the week" award. If successful, that would be essentially the equivalent of a PGA grand slam and my blogging career would be complete. I shall then slip into obscurity and blog anonymously about pet peeves mostly involving Apple products.


Washington Cube said...

First of all, congrats on your mentions. It's always good to get feedback and know someone is actually looking at what we are doing out here in Blog World. I always carry a camera on me, and the iPhone. You never know what you'll see out there. Some shots you have to pass the overweight tranny bouncer at a seedy nightclub at 2 a.m. out on the street, sparkling in gold lame. Do I go for the shot...or live?

Jamie said...

Thanks! I am totally with you on the dodgy photo opportunities. I thought twice about taking this shot of the nitrous oxide vendor since I suspect most people performing illegal activities don't want to be photographed. Luckily, he was more concerned about raking in cash. But sometimes those are the best ones... I usually try to go for it. Especially if I'm wearing a good pair of sneakers should a fast getaway be needed.

BG said...

Oh my god, a nitrous oxide vendor? That makes a lot of sense, considering our waiter at brunch the other day (we ended up at Ulah, btw) was talking to us about how much he loves the nitrous.. in between lip syncing to cheesy 80s love songs and dropping pieces of toast.

Shaw Girl said...

I tip my proverbial hat off to you and bow at your giant blogger feet. I'm SO not worthy!