Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Party Notes

Ice Sculptor 2I had my first real housewarming party despite living in my Columbia Heights house for a year. I was waiting until I had finished my kitchen. I didn't quite make it, but it's about 90 percent and I'd already scheduled the party, so what the heck. There are cabinets, a counter, running water, and places for people to sit so it's good enough for a house party.

As it turned out my friends Chris, Josh and Michael decided to return a favor from several parties in the past and showed up with an ice luge. Just look at the intensity with which Michael carves that channel! Clearly, this is a man with singularity of purpose.

The luge turned out so popular that we didn't even finish the keg despite a thick crowd for most of the night. There were a lot of empty bottles of disturbing-looking liquors, though. Why is it that an ice luge requires drinking stuff that some homeless people pass up? Anyway, it was a resounding success, and the block of ice just kept giving the next day as it was smashed into bits to cool the rest of the keg down.

I forgot to take pictures for much of the party. Disappointing, because the crowd was a lot of fun and also several worlds colliding. Everyone seemed to be having a great time, except for the agitated guy who adamantly demanded that the ice block must be destroyed. I am not sure what was up with him, but I managed to talk him down. I was less worried about the block of ice then about the lynch mob that would have formed had the centerpiece been broken, but in the end the night was without any major incidents.

I pretty much forgot to drink too. Such is life when being a host. Wierd, but I think my Sunday was better than a lot of people's.

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Shaw Girl said...

So being nosy, I looked at your pictures on flickr and I'm in tears looking at your kitchen! It's so very beautiful...and it has...a...oh, I can't even say it...gas stove! Meanwhile, I have limited counter space, non-existent cabinets, NO drawers and *sniff* an electric oven! Yup, the green eyed monster is in full effect!