Monday, June 1, 2009

Your new home...

I have a google alert for "Columbia Heights" because I'm some kind of freaky neighborhood activist. And a geek. But between my gang violence and development updates, other random things come up, like this roommate wanted advertisement.

Room for rent in Columbia Heights group house, 2 blocks from metro, one block from Giant and Wonderland.

You will share a house with three low-key, fun, professional women in their mid-20s who enjoy grilling on our back porch, DC public pools, environmental causes, triathlons, and reality television (Top Chef and Project Runway are favorites).

Room is available for sublet June 15 to mid-August, with possibility of signing a longer-term lease. Rent is $817, utilities not included.

Being one block from Giant and Wonderland is certainly a plus. Though, geographically, that may be impossible, given that Giant is at 14th & Park and Wonderland is at 11th & Kenyon. But it's a minor exaggeration I'm sure.

What made me chuckle was that these women enjoy DC public schools, thrown in there among Project Runway and grilling on the back porch. Seriously. Does anyone actually "enjoy" DC public schools? Maybe if you were transferring from a public school in suburban Baghdad. Personally, I don't enjoy crumbling infrastructure, metal detectors and the occasional machete attack. Not to mention about the worst performance record in the United States.

Oh well to each their own...

Update. I have a reading disorder. Yes, i now realized they said DC public pools.

Well, I haven't actually been to one. Though I can't imagine they are a lot better than the schools. Anyone care to comment on that? Undiscovered gem of the DC park system, or frightening home to snakeheads and zebra mussels?

Oh. Nevermind.


Unknown said...

Nice post, Ms. Litella!

Unknown said...

Extra points for nailing that yourself and ending the post with "nevermind."

rachaelgking said...

"I have a google alert for "Columbia Heights" because I'm some kind of freaky neighborhood activist. And a geek."

But mostly the latter. It's okay. You're among friends.

Eve Russell said...

I read "public schools" too.

Anonymous said...

"DC Public Pools" makes less sense than "Schools" - I would have read it the same way that you did.

And I'd hate to see any of the DC Public Pools, judging by the fact that this town is poorly maintained in so many different aspects... :(

M@ said...

I would expect to pay much less in that neighborhood for a "room." Wow!