Wednesday, June 10, 2009

If I Had Twittered My Friday

Phish Jones Beach Road Trip '09, or, 'i am seriously getting too old for this.'

leaving DC. it is raining.
1:02 pm from mobile

bailing out of 95. 695 interchange construction looks like springfield.
1:30 pm from mobile

wtf. tried to get get back on 95 ten miles later, it is still broken. oh well back to 40, traffic lights better than traffic jam.
2:00 pm from mobile

just got rear ended and risked death exchanging insurance information on an on-ramp. i hate delaware. 8 bucks in tolls and all i got was a messed up bumper.
3:15 pm from mobile

goodbye new jersey, hello staten island. and i though jersey was ugly.
4:03 PM from mobile

i have gone less than 20 miles in 2 hours.
5:57 PM from mobile

just parked, been in car for more than 7 hours. i will never drive in brooklyn or long island again. desperately need a beer.
8:15 PM from mobile

omg. there is no beer at jones beach. kill me. and it is still raining.
8:30 PM from mobile

hot dog, coffee, french fries, $16. i would gladly pay $20 for a beer. at least the show is good.
9:45 PM from mobile

i have never seen more people smoking weed and cigarettes in a complete downpour
10:44 pm

in harlem.
12:30 AM from mobile

never shut down a bar in nyc before. didnt realize they closed.
5:21 AM from mobile

where am i? this cat looks ridiculous.
9:22 AM from mobile

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