Tuesday, April 21, 2009

In Which We Learn About Being A Landlord

4:20 PM (gchat from K) duuuude happy 420! heh heh

4:28 PM (phone call from P) -- missed b/c my phone was on vibrate

4:30 PM (text message from P) -- "call me ASAP"

call P, tenant at petworth. P: "there is dog shit all over the place. sorry to bug you." J: (sigh) "i'll be right there."

nothing I like better on a monday evening than mopping up dog pee and shit and figuring out what to do with a dog.


90 minutes later: dog shit cleaned up. quasi-abandonded dog moved to my house. dog's owner, who is in the process of moving out, has gone AWOL and made minimal arrangements for dog's care. dog's owner contacted last night. owner gets back three hours later, said a friend was coming to get dog. no contact from friend last night.

contact owner again, 9 AM this morning. wtf? 10:30 AM owner responds. "she was supposed to call you but ok i will be there later today." me: "you can't take the dog back there." him: "well what am i supposed to do with him?" me: "you should have thought about that before you ditched him for a week without formal plans for his care."

debate ensues. in which i make it clear that the dog is NOT going back to petworth, the tenants have had enough.

finally i break down and tell him i will keep the dog for another day. he's moving out for good tomorrow.


e: thank you for the advice. i think it will be easiest for me to take care of the dog for another day at this point.

n: thank you for the support and dog walking.

lessons learned: dogs good. irresponsible dog owners bad. consider tenants with dogs very carefully. having to walk a dog in the morning actually results in getting to work earlier.


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

what kind of dog? I might want to steal it.

Titania said...

That tenant should not be allowed to have a dog. Sorry, people that is this irresponsible with their pets really piss me off.

Eve Russell said...

No problem, dude. Let me know if you need anything dog-wise.

What a pain in the ass.

lacochran said...

I hate hearing about people who have animals that they can't be bothered to take care of. Sure you don't want to keep him?