Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Conventional Wisdom Watch

What's hot and what's not in global politics.

Pirates vs. Pirates

Pittsburgh Pirates vs. U.S. National League - 4-3

Somali Pirates vs. U.S. Navy - 0-3

The season is just beginning for both Pittsburgh and Somalia, so it's a tough call. Though Pittsburgh seems to have an early edge, we are putting our money on Somalia because they want it more.

Evolution vs. Creation

Polar Bear vs. Stupid Human - Darwin fail

Obama ends embryonic stem cell research ban - Church fail

We are giving the nod to Darwin on this one. The "polar bear whisperer" incident is a clear sign that society is meddling with the process of evolution, and it is concerning. But ultimately we believe that evolution will prevail, and the world will be dominated by genetically engineered swamp rats.

Twitter vs. Blogging

A local blogger says Twitter killed his blog.

Jamie @reader taking a crap and reading people. omg rihanna! wtf?
About 10 minutes ago from the apocalypse

Never mind. Evolution has already failed.


Titania said...

If we, human, had let Darwin do his job that woman should not be alive. My atheist soul preys that she did not get to reproduce

BG said...

the church failed with the Crusades, and continued to fail with the existence of Mel Gibson.

oh, snap!