Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

It really sunk in that spring is here this morning. I noticed a flash of light out of the corner of my eye and looked out the window of my office this morning. The sky was divided with dark clouds overhead, the sun peeking through a gap in the thin white clouds low on the horizon to the north. It was raining lightly, and the effect was stunning. The fresh spring leaves on the trees in the park outside my office were glowing in the sun, creating a stark contrast to the dark clouds directly overhead. I wish I'd brought my camera with me today, but I didn't, so this cell phone picture will have to suffice.

Today is Earth Day, our annual reminder that we're stuck with this planet. And with each other. So be nice to both. Earth Day is just one day, but it's different from Mother's Day or Valentine's Day. Don't just recycle something, or ride metro instead of driving, or turn the heat back, or turn off a light, today. Make a habit of it. Every day is Earth Day.

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Titania said...

I just witnessed from my office window a very strong bout of hail while it was also sunny. Quite amazing.