Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pet Extra

Perusing the blog roll today, I saw one of my blogger friends had just lost her cat. I've always loved animals and have had cats most of my life. Her lament reminded me of how much these creatures have added to my own life. This post will be dedicated to my menagerie, past and present. There are a lot more pictures here.

My current creatures:







Creatures from my past life (alive and well):







Creatures from my past life (no longer with us):









foilwoman away from home said...

Are you sure you're not really a middle-aged lady who knits? Those are darn cute cats, btw.

Jamie said...

I'd need at least two more cats to qualify as crazy cat lady. Not saying I won't get there, but not yet.

That stigma aside, I love most animals but prefer cats to dogs. Cats are low-maintenance entertainment, whereas dogs require constant attention, walking, and so on. And most dogs are in your face too much. They're like being at a party with a clingy date, except it's all the time.

Mingus, by the way, has a bit of dogness in him. He'll do his own thing most of the time, but you just shout his name, and no matter where he is he'll come and hang out with you. Only cat I've ever had that comes when you call. Now if only I could teach him to get me a beer from the fridge...

Shannon said...

Never trust a single man with cats. At least, that's what my mom always said.

My dad always said he didn't like cats because they remind him of women.

And we all wonder why I'm divorced and live alone.

Capitol Hill 20210 said...

awwww those are really cute cats, and I have a the twin to your gray kitty.

Jamie said...

@Shannon, most cats are definitely like women. If you act like you like them by showing them attention, they go away, but if you ignore them, they keep coming back and complain until you give them attention. Repeat.

Yet for some reason we still like you better than beer and video games...

Foilwoman said...

I think it's odd that in general men tend to like dogs better and women tend to like cats better. It just doesn't make sense to me, based on the animals' stereotypical personalities and stereotypical gender roles. But those are some godawful cute cats you've got. Really.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jamie...stop comparing women to cats. Because we all know men are exactly the same way.

Thanks for the condolences too...the Diva would have approved.

IceCreamMan said...

I recall there being another cat in ancient Jamie history called Henrietta.
I'm talkin' mid-1980s here.

Or did I just make that up?

IceCreamMan said...

Wait, and you would need at least two more to qualify as Crazy Cat Lady?
I thought the threshold was three, which, if I've understood the captions on yer pics, is just one cat away. My sister is currently at the three-cat mark for the second time. The first time didn't last all that long, because her first cat couldn't deal with the third one and got sick, so my sister had to find another home for the third one. But she's had three (again) for about a year now, and while the two older ones don't like the youngest one, none of them are getting sick, so she'll probably be a three-cat person for some time.
For what it's worth, the Crazy Cat Lady action figure my sister bought for her friend Sam had six cats. This was the source of great amusement for all, because at the time, Sam had TWELVE cats.

IceCreamMan said...

I just thought of another long-ago Jamie cat. I can't remember if the cat had another name, but I think you called him "Lurch."

Or did I make that up too?

Jamie said...

Oh yes, there were others from way back, but they long predated digital photography. Let's see... Henrietta, Carrot, Alexander from when I was a kid, and Arwen from when I was married. I am sure that's not complete... I vaguely remember harboring a stray in college too.