Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cougars at College Park?

City Desk reports of a possible cougar sighting on the UMD College Park campus. Okay... I am sure you can guess where this is going, and yeah, I'm going to go there. But the language of the article just left me rolling on the floor.

The possible cougar is a new threat for UMD, says Brandt. “We have never dealt with this before,” he says.

I should certainly hope not...

“Cougars are not an indigenous species of the state of Maryland. . . . They’re just not seen around here."

That was certainly my understanding. It's why the night life is so great.

"We will get the occasional report of a coyote on campus, which usually will end up just being a fox.”

And what a wonderful place it is, where the coyotes turn out to be foxes!!

"There has been no report of aggressive behavior on the part of the animal, but community members are warned that cougars are a predatory species and that, if seen, the animal should not be approached.

Nothing to argue with there.

Ahem. Soooo... moving on, then...


Capitol Hill 20210 said...

lmao I immediately thought of someone like Demi Moore roaming around College Park lmao

Shannon said...

I was thinking the exact same thing...hey, Zip, you and I should head up to College Park and cruise for college boys before the competition gets too fierce!

BG said...

hahah the first thing to make me laugh out loud in days