Monday, August 11, 2008

No Cigarretts

CVS at 14th & Irving in Columbia Heights.

No Ciggaretts

I wonder why they keep all those "cigarretts" around if they haven't sold them since 1990?

What an awesome school system we have...


Shannon said...

I'm just thrilled that the ciggies and the condoms are right next to each other. How convenient!

Also, I want to know why your word verification asks me to type such pervy stuff...what are "kpads"?

Jamie said...

Of course, they both fall in the category of "most likely to get stolen at 3 AM". The kpads are probably found in the feminine section.

Shannon said...

We need to start a street vendor business that sells cigs and condoms in nightlife districts, at closing time. We'd be RICH.

Qpnhd, indeed!