Monday, July 2, 2007

Upstairs Bathroom

My house came with 1.25 bathrooms... a small but efficient full bath upstairs, and a toilet in the basement. My original plan had been to build a full bathroom in the basement first, and then gut the upstairs bath and expand it into the "office" (third bedroom) once I had another bath to use in the meantime.

After living here for a couple weeks, I realized there was no way I was going to keep using that bathroom, in the state it was in, for what could be months. The hot water in the sink barely worked, and the base cabinet was disgusting and rotting. There was a space between the bathtub and base cabinet where stuff had obviously been dropped and lost over the years, and I was starting to have nightmares about what kind of organic life might be festering in that dark crack.

So this weekend I decided that a hundred bucks or so for a new sink is a small price to pay even if I do completely remodel in six months. So I ripped out the old stuff and put in a new pedestal sink. In the process I also replaced the shutoff valves and discovered the reason for my lack of water pressure - the iron water supply pipes had a ton of rust and debris built up at the ends. That was quickly cleaned out with a screwdriver and wire brush, restoring glorious water pressure. The tiles under and behind the old base cabinet, once cleaned up, turned out to be in perfect shape.

The bathroom (pics later) looks so much better, I'm actually starting to rethink if I really want to gut it any more. There's still some unfortunate caulking around the tub that needs to be redone, and the blue tile isn't necessarily my first choice, but other than that it's not it bad shape at all. Amazing what a few new fixtures and some Comet can do.

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