Monday, July 9, 2007


I took a little break from home improvement last week to try to settle in. That means going through the mountain of boxes that covered most of the downstairs floor space, and finding homes for the contents of each. Or in some cases, just moving them to another room. But either way, the goal was to be able to reach my television & stereo so I could hook them up.

So I got a lot of this stuff put away, got the music working, and the TV basically hooked up. Of course, I don't have any furniture, so for now, television viewing will be done from the floor. Next on the shopping list: sofa. Anyone who has one in their basement that they don't want... let me know. While I don't plan to revive the ages-old group house tradition of alley picking for furniture, I wouldn't mind having something free or cheap to fill the void until I can make the effort to buy something more permanent.

I got a little bit of organizing done in the basement, and wired up a dedicated circuit to the downstairs window unit A/C. This was a necessary, since as it was, I could only run one A/C at a time. Pretty much all the outlets are on the same circuit now. That's going to be rectified over a long period of time, but the predictions of fire and brimstone for this week scared me enough to get that solved. And not a moment too soon. It's EVIL out there today.

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