Thursday, December 31, 2009

... and the "naughties" are finally over

Note: Click Naughty Cat At Your Own Risk
Hope all you cats have a great time tonight! Catch you on the flip side.

*Naughties: Best term I've seen so far to describe this awkward decade. You know, like the eighties, but with "naught" for the zero. Funny, huh? Not so much? Well, screw you. What do you call it, the zeros? The 2000's? Whatever, I call it the naughties. Anyway, who cares, it's over in a few hours.


M@ said...

Yes, I love you too, Jamie. Tickled that I'm still being mentioned on WIHDC by my hater. And so glad I'm not in DC anymore. :)

Happy New Year.

Jamie said...

Ahh, but you haven't really ever left have you? Just like a stalker, your heart, mind and unusual wit continue to haunt us. Thanks for stopping by.

M@ said...

You're welcome. And after reading your blog (yawn), I can see why you're obsessed w/ me, negrotard.

M@ said...

One more thing. You know you're a dipshit, right? And that I'm a hell of a lot smarter than you? Yes....

What's a married man in his forties doing in this game? Blogging's a young man's game and I've recently retired at the age of 34. I've learned that it's fruitless to fuck w/ 20 year-olds on the Internet and relationships with real people and women mean so much more.

I would suggest you give up the blogging b/c no one cares about the horsehit you write anyway. Your writing indicates (to borrow a prhase from the late Hunter S. Thompsom) the mind of a second-rate accountant.

You and your wife should adopt a child and make a difference in someone's life. Watch that local news channel on Wednesday, local guy. They have a program on adoptable children. You like black kids, right? Sweet.

Jamie said...

Again, thanks for your comments, M@.

Since you are a hell of a lot smarter than me, I will dutifully consider your suggestions.

Though the evidence of your intelligence is spotty, since in your short time here you have concluded that I have a wife and therefore am married, despite the fact that only two posts ago I announced that I was engaged. It seems highly unlikely that in the short time since my engagement anyone would have gotten married, unless I had gotten engaged in Las Vegas.

Likewise, your statement that you have given up blogging because "relationships between real people and women" mean so much more, and your statement that nobody cares about the horseshit that I write, is fascinatingly paradoxical coming from someone who has commented here three times in the last three days, including two comments in a row without a response from me.

Most intelligent people who don't give a shit about my blog don't read it and comment here, and most intelligent people who don't care about fucking with people on the Internet don't bother doing so like you continue to do here and at why.i.hate.dc.

Anyway, I hope that this is the response you were looking for. You are free to read an comment on this blog that you don't give a shit about as often as you want. Don't worry, I would never delete your comments! I think they are awesome. Keep 'em coming.

Anonymous said...


I can't decide whether you're just a loser or a psychopath. I'm going to go with loser.