Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Engaged


Though it does not begin to describe my wonderful fiancee.


pixability said...

At exactly 12:15 I heard an echo of cries from across the metropolitan area. Now I know why. :)

dcalex said...


BG said...

Ok am I the only one on the net who has no idea what SSIA means?

at any rate congrats!!! happy for you.

Shannon said...

Well, color me confused!

According to Google, SSIA means "Shoe Service Institute of America." Is Jamie marrying a shoe repair shop? It could also mean "Special Savings Incentive Account" which implies he's marrying a bank of some sort.

All this time, I thought he was going to marry N.! In which case, congratulations and a wise choice. If you are marrying a cobbler or financial institution, however, please try to negotiate some good rates for me.

Jamie said...

SSIA = Subject Says It All

I am trying to figure out what the fact that nobody's heard of this, one of the oldest internet acronyms there is, means.

I think it's a sign that text messaging has completely replaced email, as text messages have no subject, and therefore I am very old because I still use email and remember a time before text messaging. I would use telegrams too, if they still existed.

I am pretty sure that even though it's listed 2nd (after Special Savings Incentive Account) on the list that comes up for the first google hit, that it's still in slightly more common usage for this than all the other definitions.

Urban Dictionary has three definitions, I think the last one is most appropriate in this context

"gay word used by e-tards"

lacochran said...

Congratulations to both of you!