Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A year goes by so quickly...

If you are reading this in google reader, the captions look screwy. Click through.

One year ago today. Presumably, before and after:

The Force Is Strong


Nine months ago:

Inaugural View


Six months ago:

80's Dance Party

Battle of the Bands

Three months ago:


Stairs Sanded

One month ago:



Jezebel said...

Those two guys look like punks. Good thing I never run into them on the street. What a year!

Jamie said...

Total punks!!

pixability said...

why didn't you include the sexy beast pic of yourself with mutton chops?

Titania said...

I am missing my favorite snuggie picture here....

Jamie said...

This is a family-friendly blog!! The mutton chop picture is just not appropriate, and the snuggie one is best forgotten.

Shannon said...

Snuggie photo! Snuggie photo!

Titania said...

There is no chance the snuggie photo will ever be forgotten. Destroyed, tortured and abused, maybe. But forgotten, NEVER! Shan and I demand snuggie photo!