Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bocce Was A Blast

How was your labor day weekend? Mine was all right. I deep-fried a turkey, ten pounds of potatoes, and almost everything else in the fridge; played a game of scrabble at 6:00 AM; fixed my broken couch and credenza; bought a $200 bottle of bourbon and drank a third of it; caught up with a couple out-of-town friends who were in DC; ate heirloom tomatoes from my garden with fresh mozzerella; made and offer on a house but didn't get it and looked at three other ones; went to a speakeasy and had a Pimm's cup and a couple drinks I've never heard of; decided against going to work on Tuesday and ate brunch at the diner instead; beat Pat at a Guitar Hero song on Expert (he's really good); trashed my house; cleaned my house; made turkey stock; and destroyed two computer monitors with a bocce ball.

That last one. Oh yeah. Well, a few of us were drinking some mimosas on Sunday afternoon and we decided to throw a couple rounds of Bocce in the backyard. That got old quickly, but it was hard not to see the potential excitement that could be created from the two ancient (e.g. tube-based) computer monitors that were in by backyard, awaiting a trip to the dump for disposal, and the heavy bocce balls that we were throwing around.

Being the photographic types, Jeff and I both got ready with our digital SLRs (mine still new to me) to capture the moment in all it's glory. Kenny was the pitcher. Here are my shots of the event.

The moment of impact


Glass is still flying

Shattered 2

The dust has settled

Shattered 3

The best part was the neighborhood kids who were hanging out in the alley behind my yard smoking weed while all this was going on. The first one made a pretty good bang when it smashed, and someone yelled "what the hell?" after the noise. But the second one was even louder. One of these kids bolts down the alley and is like, "what the hell are you crazy motherf*ckers doing, shooting guns off back there?"

I have to say I never expected that it would be me freaking out the neighborhood ne'er-do-wells.... er, anyway, it was pretty funny.

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