Monday, April 25, 2011

Go vote tomorrow... because it might matter

Most of the time, voting in DC doesn't really matter at all. We don't have any representation in Congress. Our electorates always go to the democratic candidate in a presidential election.

Yet, for some reason, the only time people feel compelled to go out, wait in line, and create their irrelevant hanging chads is on those big election days. I guess it's peer pressure or something.

The reality is, if you're going to skip a vote, you might as well skip the Presidential election because it really doesn't matter. At all. No, really, it doesn't. What? Third party? No. It doesn't matter. Nope. Nope! Still doesn't matter.

Tomorrow, on the other hand, we elect a city council member in a special election.

So why bother tomorrow?

Because so few people will vote, that your vote actually could make a difference.

So go vote. I think you should vote for Bryan Weaver.

Or, get a half-dozen of your friends together and write yourself it, if you want to be on the city council. You couldn't pay me enough to do that, personally, but this is your big chance.

But there's no better time to vote then one of these special elections. It's like being in a raffle where there's only ten other people in the room. It's awesome! So go do it. And because nobody else will be voting, it will probably take you all of 30 seconds.

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