Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun Pictures

N. and I had a fantastic weekend getaway to New Orleans a few weeks back. I just came across a couple pics I wanted to share.

Best Company Motto Ever.

It's Picking Up


I got off an escalator and couldn't figure out where I was. What happened to this place?

Then we ended up on the mobile lounge and it all came crashing down around me. Figures I'd be in the one terminal that's still not served by the new train.

I wanted to take a real picture of this gorgeous new terminal but figured I'd end up detained by some overly zealous security drone... so the cell had to do.

New Dulles Terminal

Lucky Dog

We had just finished lunch at Johnny's Po Boys.. these two were just starting.

Johnny's Po Boys... for me & my best friend

Many more pics from N.O. on flickr.

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