Friday, March 26, 2010

National Marathon from Columbia Heights

By some miracle, N. and I managed to get to 11th and Harvard around 8 AM to see all those crazy people running the National Marathon last Saturday morning. There were almost no spectators other than ourselves, which was surprising. I thought the Columbia Heights crossing would be a pretty popular place to watch, but apparently I was wrong. But the lack of a crowd made for some nice pictures of the race. You can see more pictures on flickr.

I think he's running faster than they are...

Fjording The Marahon

I'm Batman.


"Yeah, the race is going pretty well... I paid my taxes online at mile four, but I haven't updated my facebook status since mile 6."

Textin' and Runnin'

No Loitering. And That Woman Is Hard Core.


Look in the dead-center of the picture. Is there nothing that cyclists won't do??


I just like this picture.

Waiting To Cross


Anonymous said...

Yeah, you know why there were no spectators at 11th and Harvard? Becuase they were all in front of my house on Harvard between Sherman and Georgia.
Screaming their lungs out.
For an hour.
At 8:00am.
On a Saturday.

Jamie said...

Ha ha ha!! They were probably getting you back for doing the same at 3 AM in Adams Morgan...

Anonymous said...

That guy on his iPhone (or whatever) didn't have a race bib on, so he was probably just jogging along with his friend for a few minutes. Not that it excuses him from being a total douche though.

Jamie said...

Good point - I didn't notice that.

Not that there weren't plenty of actual racers texting... like this one.

While there are worse sins, I was surprised to read that this race actually permitted people to wear headphones while running.

It's hard enough to avoid bumping into people in a crowded racecourse without half the runners not paying any attention to their surroundings...

Not that anyone usually pays attention to that rule anyway, though.

pixability said...

Eh, even the Marine Corps marathon allows people to listen to iPods (unless you are competing for a championship).

Jamie said...

MCM web site says you can't wear a "walk man" which I'm guessing is the same thing as an iPod to someone over 40.

I'm sure the rule annoys a lot of young people. Classic case of crusty curmudgeon race organizers versus popular opinion, I would imagine. But as a crusty curmudgeon, I approve.