Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nothing To Report, But I Will Anyway

It's August and it's slow as hell. Work has been pretty busy at least. I can't believe I think that's a good thing, but it is. But since I have nothing to report, and since half the planet is on vacation or otherwise doing something useful, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about some things that I've enjoyed recently.

A friend informed me that "CP" is a common abbreviation for child porn. I didn't ask him why he knows this. I assume because he is an undercover craig's list/chat room investigator. However, please reread my Cleveland Park post from a couple days ago with this in mind. It's way better. Really.

A commenter on my post about loser cyclists from a few days ago linked me to Bike Snob NYC, a brilliant blog about cycling in NYC. This guy is my new hero. The blog itself is amazing. Well written, incriminating photos, funny as hell, and intelligent. It's not local but it might as well be. Check it out.

Best T-Shirt EverRoom 11 is now open, and I went with N. last week. I thought it was great. Check out my review on Yelp.

Saw Phish on Saturday at Merriweather Post. Had a great time. I already have way too many mediocre pictures of bands at big venues taken with my point-and-shoot camera so I didn't bother this time. But I did get this picture of what could be the best tee shirt since "For Every Animal You Don't Eat I Shall Eat Three." If you don't get it... just give it a minute. Hilarious.

My bathroom is still not done. All wagers will be paid in full.

The firebox at the corner of my street has not been repainted again. YET.

City TomatoesPicked about a dozen tomatoes from my hippie/ghetto front yard garden. DC tomatoes? Awesome. Accept no substitute. Though having tomatoes in my front yard is great, I feel that it is no match for having your own pumpkin patch as reported by Prince of Petworth. Next year...

The 3rd Annual Columbia Heights Day is next Saturday, August 29th. It promises to be awesome. I will be there at the grill like last year, though I cannot take any credit for planning the event. I've been out of the loop this year due to general life mayhem. But I can assure you based on the chatter, it's going to be great, come out and support your neighborhood festival!

That is all for now. I leave you with this, from a list of funny things that appeared in my inbox a few days ago.

"As a driver I hate pedestrians, and as a pedestrian I hate drivers, but no matter what the mode of transportation, I always hate cyclists."

Ahhh ha ha ha ha!! Ummm...


lacochran said...

I heard on the news that the Howard County police busted a huge number of people at the Phish concert for drugs.

It's a Phish concert. That's practically entrapment.

Jamie said...

Ha ha! Awesome. I hope you don't mind, I had to post your comment on facebook for the benefit of my friends who never read my blog but know I like Phish.

lacochran said...

:) Don't mind at all.