Tuesday, May 19, 2009

News from My Front Porch

I have been spending a lot of time there lately. So it may be the only news I'm qualified to report on. It's rather nice, actually, with Spring slowly coming, and going, and coming, and going, and possibly getting lost and/or mugged on the way back from the store, and WHERE THE HELL IS SPRING IT WAS #&$(*&@ 45 DEGREES LAST NIGHT!!

Ahem. Anyway, apart from the rain/wind/cold/fog/brimstone and stuff that we've had in lieu of balmy May nights, it's been lovely. Sunday, I killed the hideous thorny shrubbery thing that inhabited my front yard and planted four Azaleas. And I mowed the lawn last week, an annual event. Though I was unfortunately in the house at the moment of truth, I was told that one neighbor, upon seeing that transition from ghetto to Martha Stewart, did a triple take. Most likely, he thought I had moved out, or he was on the wrong street.

  • A stray cat with one blue eye and one red eye is trying to crash in my house. She also has no tail and can't meow. I like her already, except that she puked on the porch. But considering that one of my friends peed on my porch recently, and you know who you are, this is a small transgression for a cat. So I can forgive that.
  • A pretty decent bike was abandoned in my backyard. Assuming it was stolen and left there by the theif, I took it inside, hoping I could track down its owner with a craig's list notice or the like. Either I have done a good deed or I have stolen someone's bike.
  • Google Street ViewI am going to the baseball game tonight. Nine innings of watching that Nats suck ass... this is some serious payback for Star Trek! Just kidding... ha ha... seriously, the weather is supposed to be nice, finally, and I've never been to the new stadium before so I'm looking forward to it.
  • I absolutely hate it when people who double-park and honk their horns to pick someone up.
  • I have become extraordinarily camera-lazy. Why don't I have pictures of my front yard or the funky cat?
  • I Google Street Viewed my house to see if it had a shot of my awful old shrubbery. It does!! Here ya go, google street view above. Aren't those awnings awesome? Okay, maybe not so much. This pic was apparenty taken in Summer 2007, becase the fern you see hanging there fell down and I hung it somewhere else after that. But you can clearly see the wretchedness that is (was) the front-yard shrubbery. It's much better now, I'll take a picture when I can remember to do so.
  • Coconut milk and red curry paste: GOOD

That's about it. The azaleas are really my only accomplishment for the last week. Or maybe even month. Other than that, I have been extraordinarily negligent on house stuff. But this is a long weekend coming, and I have plans to fix some holes and put glass block in my bathroom where a window now resides. Hundred-year-old wood-frame windows really make bad backsplashes in a shower enclosure.


lacochran's evil twin said...

I used to have awnings sort of like that in my previous house. Character, that's what they give the house. Yeah, let's go with that.

Titania said...

I am going to the baseball game tomorrow night. Maybe we can compare notes later. This will also be a first for me.