Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kitchen... Major progress

As of last weekend, the plumbing is officially complete. There is not one inch of steel pipe left in my house. Well, in service anyway. The carcass of the old pipes to the bathroom will remain embedded in the concrete subfloor until such a time as I completely renovate the interior of the bathroom. Which will probably not be for some time, because that will probably involve expanding into the rear bedroom and possibly turning it into two bathrooms. That is part of my grand vision that includes rebuilding the sun room behind the kitchen, expanding the bedroom upstairs over it, and building a balcony. Maybe next year... or, given astounding amounts of energy, this summer.

My cabinets & appliances arrive next week. I still have some prep to do, like repairing the walls and roughing in electric, but mostly it's ready to start installing stuff. After the base cabinets are in, the only thing left to do is order a countertop. Cross your fingers, it's looking like I'll have an operational kitchen in less than a month!

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