Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Signs of the Apocalypse #238: Rep. Bob Allen

In another all-to-frequent incident of lawmaker hypocrisy, Rep. Bob Allen (R-Fla) has been arrested in a sting after agreeing to pay $20 for a blow job.

Allen was the Tampa Police Union's 2007 Lawmaker of the Year. The Florida Times Union reports: "In his seven years in the Legislature Rep. Bob Allen of Merritt Island has built up a 92 percent approval rating with the Christian Coalition of Florida on issues like abortion, marriage and pornography."

The story just keeps getting more bizarre, as Allen, following his arrest, claims, in essence, that fear of black men and the weather led him to this situation. Just read it. Awesome.


Unknown said...

J, I think you missed the greatest part of this whole story. Allen, who will undoubtedly appear on Faux News with "D(FL)" after his name (amazing how they've made that "mistake" several times with Republicans involved in scandals), didn't agree to pay $20 for a BJ.
He offered to pay $20 to give the officer a beej.
This is one of my favorite news stories of the year.

Unknown said...

Ha ha... another funny one is Larry Craig. Another of the "family values" crowd, Senator Craig was apparently caught soliciting gay sex in an airport bathroom. He didn't offer to pay to give an officer a beej, but he not only made signals indicating interest in sex, he admitted his guilt and paid his fines. Now he's singing a different (show)tune...

Here are some entertaining "Sir Larry Craig" videos from Little Britain:

Sir Norman 1

Sir Norman 2

Sir Norman 3

The second one is the one most relevant to the Allen and Craig stories, and in my opinion is the funniest of the three. All three are about as plausible as the excuses Craig and especially Bob Allen made.

Pass me the popcorn. This is getting fun.

By the way, the most unintentionally funny line of recent history is the beginning of Larry Craig's press conference the other day: "Thank you all very much for coming out today..."

You can't make up crap that funny.